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Inspiring Music in the Pacific Northwest

Inspiring Music in the Tri-cities

Music, an unknown melodious sound which your senses love to hear with every time you are emotionally bothered, is considered as one phenomenal event. That certain harmony gives them everyone the harmony which already lives with. This is what we have in times that we are so happy and at the same time in time that we are going through with trials and challenges of life. With the help if the songs and sounds, we as human being united and being moved.

Right now, Tri-cities is been one of the place where uplifting songs are being born.  The different Tri-cities concerts gives everyone in Richland, Kennewick as well as Pasco lots of  worth remembering quality performance and at the same time inspiring music for over 68 years. Enjoy listening to the different kinds of bands as well as melodious symphony of Beethoven, Haydn and Mozart.

In connection with this, did you know Tri-cities music is one of those cities who provide quality and meaningful music not just locally but internationally? Yes, it is. In fact, they have the largest selection of pianos between Portland and Spokane as well as Boise and Seattle. No doubt that most of the musicians here uses piano.

The following are the much awaited concerts:

  • Umi Garett –A very young pianist which is blessed with talent and charm (May 11,  2015)
  • Alex Depue in collaboration with Miguel de Hoyas – known to have a very unique sound (April 18 ,2015)
  • WindSync- being recognized for both of the unconventional and very innovative performance on the national basis (March 5, 2015)
  • SAXsational – This is consisting of talented and wonderful songs harnessed by the beautiful song of saxophone. ( April 18, 2015)
  • Quarletto Gelato- Blends the virtue of the music, artistry of humor and passion (April 16, 2015)
  • Loren and Mark- Their music is being arranged and originated from the guitar as well as vocal music (February 23, 2015)

Not only that, check out also other summer Tri-cities concert on the different location this month. The following is the best recommended so far:

  • Tagaris Summer Concert
  • Thunder on the Island
  • West Richland Concert to be held in the Pavilion